Sunday, April 5, 2009

Five more days

OK, I still feel like I'm going to die every time I run, but I have four conditioning days left. I must be a little better by then, right?

Two cool things to remind me that I am getting smaller (besides a couple of people saying, "Wow! You look fantastic!"). The first one was, I pulled out the saddle seat suit I bought when I first purchased Molly, thinking I'd show her saddle seat (HA!). It was too small when I got it and has never fit, although I've tried it on a few times over the years and the closest I ever got was barely buttoning it up and not being able to move. Anyway, I put it on the other day and I could not only get it on, but I could actually move in it. I wouldn't go quite so far as to say it was comfortable, but definitely usable. I have no actual use for it, sadly, but it's nice to know it's there if I need

Second cool thing: today I realized I have NOTHING appropriate to wear Friday night in Halter, and I got a little extra money, so I went suit shopping at the outlet mall where they have really good deals.. Greg came along because he is a really good shopper's assistant and knows more about women's fashion than anyone I know. Don't tell him I told you that.

Anyway, we picked out a bunch of 18's, because while I can fit in some of my size 16 stuff, I can't fit in all of it. The 18Ws were ridiculously baggy! I had to try 16Ws instead, and even they were a little on the big side! Well, that was at Dress Barn, which I guess is notorious for undersizing their clothes.

So we went to the Kasper outlet, and my expectations were pretty low because they're a normal person store, not a fat girl store. However, they did have sizes up to 18, but the regular 18, not 18W. Despite my success at Dress Barn, I decided I should start with 18...given the lack of W and Dress Barn's propensity for undersizing. Well, the 18s were too big and I had to send Greg to get 16s!!!! And they fit fantastically! And I picked a beautiful, beautiful black suit with shadow tape stripes...that basically means it's striped with alternating satin and matte black. It's simply stunning...I love it. It's also very versatile--I can show any horse in it, wear it to Morton's (HAHAHAHAHAHA) or other dressy functions. And it was 60% off! A definite win.

Good day.

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