Monday, June 29, 2009

Where have I been?

So, as I posted below, I went to Pacific Slopes last Sunday to show. I showed three horses in five classes and won three top fives, a Reserve Champion and a Champion! Very exciting...the biggest title I've ever won. Too bad none of the horses were mine! Anyway, I ran the triangle five times. The official triangle is 328 feet long for all three sides, and probably a little more than that since you run outside of the markers. So, five triangles is about a third of a mile, I guess? Plus you walk about 50 feet on each one. That's actually less than what I do on my regular runs at home, so that's good--that means I'm working harder at home than I do at shows, so showing should be easier.

I did manage to keep up with the horses even on the "lengthen" stretch, but I could still run faster to show the horses better. I did huff and puff embarassingly after each one, but recovered in a couple of minutes and in plenty of time to show the next one.

So then, Patience says, "You should come to Santa Barbara with me tomorrow to Region 2. You can show and groom for me." This would be a five-day trip.

"Ha, ha," I said. "Wouldn't that be nice?" So I texted my husband. "Patience wants me to go to Santa Barbara with her tomorrow. Ha ha."

"You should," he replied.

"Are you serious?" I asked. We went back and forth for a while on it...after all, I had no clothes with me, nor my computer, and I'd be leaving him at home with no car. Finally he decided to live without a car (or borrow Mom's when necessary), and borrowed Mom's to drive a suitcase and my computer down to me in Santa Rosa. I then drove to Patience's, spent the night there and rode with her to SB. He drove home from Santa Rosa and got caught in took him 5 hours. Poor guy!

Anyway, so we drove to SB on Monday and set up and showed on Tuesday. I showed just one horse that day, which was the pre-show. We came in 5th of 9, enough to qualify for the championships. Wednesday I showed three horses in six classes (running the triangle six times). Again, I needed to run faster along the top part, but I did Ok other than that. I ran out of steam on the very last showing. The judge didn't like our horses very much, but we came away with three top fives and a reserve champion in the in-hand.

So now, Patience says if I want to show at Region 3 in August, I have to lose 10 POUNDS! Oy, that's a lot...but at least I'll be grooming at the main ring region 3 in Reno next week, and that always helps as far as weight loss goes! Really need to keep up on the running before and after that and watch what I eat! She wants me svelte and fleet next time. oooook!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I get to show again!

Patience asked me to show horses on Sunday at the Pacific Slopes Championship! Very cool! Good thing I've been keeping up on my running, huh?

Speaking of which, yesterday was hard. I didn't run or do anything out of the ordinary the day before, but I was really stiff and tired. I had to take a couple of breathers. I hope I do better today!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Running, running, running

Just came back from my run, and I'm pouring sweat. I add a little every day...I now have 4 running spurts instead of 3, they're getting a little longer, and the recovery time is getting shorter in between. I want to shorten a couple of the recovery times and lengthen the running spurts just a little more and add one more small one, and I want to finish each one just a little out of breath instead of the embarrassingly ragged breath I'm in now every time I run. Once I accomplish that, I'll be ready to start adding some sprints to work on my speed, but I think I need endurance first.

I have to start wearing white pants when I show. Ick. Better get rid of the thunder thighs!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New motivation!

Patience was so happy with how I showed the in-hand horses at the last show that she's letting me show them at Regionals and Nationals!! I haven't shown at either since I was a current horses have never been ready and I haven't had the money. So, it will be very cool to show some very nice horses at this level!

Regionals is in August and Nationals in September. She says I have to wear white pants for Nationals, so I'd better be looking pretty good by, I want to make a good picture, right? AND, I need to run better...I did OK last time, but I need to be able to sprint with big steps across one part of the triangle.

More motivation to keep up on my running! Maybe even to watch what I eat. :) I've added a little running to my normal circuit, and I want to keep adding on so that I'm not huffing and puffing so much so quickly, and I'll be adding some sprints soon. Just under two months to Regionals!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

An interesting sensation

I experienced an interesting sensation on Friday and today while working horses (didn't make it out there yesterday). I have four that I work, and usually by the fourth one my stamina is flagging and I have a tendency to want to wimp out. However, both Friday and today....I didn't. I, like, was fine. In fact, I felt like I could do another. I think I'm actually FINALLY getting fitter!

Now that I have two horses going under saddle but don't want to ride either one too much, I'm going to alternate and ride each of them twice per week. That gives me four days of riding, which is better exercise than standing there and longeing...well, different exercise, at least! Rode Max on Friday and Molly today.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I need to watch So You Think You Can Dance more often. I find it so inspiring...I want to be able to dance like that! I want to have a body I can command to do anything I want it to! Maybe I can find a way to fit belly dancing back into my's been a while, both due to my busy schedule and lack of money. Of course, there's always ballroom and I'd like to fit more of that in, too! What inspires you?

I ran this morning, and it was harder than yesterday but I still managed to meet the same standards. Tomorrow I'm going to ride one of my horses!

Oh, my diet? Ugh...don't ask. I just keep on eating whatever is cheap and convenient. Oh, but a woman today I've only known a few months noticed I'm smaller, as do people I see all the time. I know I keep saying that...but my scale is stuck, so it baffles me as well as flatters me. Maybe I really am putting on more muscle and slimming down, even though the pounds aren't coming off? Maybe this means at some point I'll drop like 10 pounds in a week...yeah, I know, wishful thinking.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good running today

Yesterday, I took a day of rest. I was wiped out from the show and everything leading up to it, so I decided not to go to the barn, running, anything. I did go to the dog park with Maggie and ran around with her a little there, but not enough to really stress myself. I think it's important to let your body recharge from time to time--hm, maybe I need to do some research on that and write an article!

Anyway, I ran today. I posted a couple weeks ago when I started up again that I had lost some fitness and couldn't run as far as before. Well, today I was not only back to my old standards from before I left off, but I actually ran farther in a couple places! I think the rest did me some good. :)

Off to the barn in a few minutes to play with horses...back to the normal routine!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Survived the show

So we had another show this weekend, where I groomed for Patience. I also mentioned a couple of posts ago that she gave me the opportunity to show a couple of horses for her clients. I always have fun showing, and I love the horses, so it was great! I won a second and reserve champion with one of them and a third with the other. Everyone thought I did a good job, which is always nice for the ego. I also managed to run the triangle twice without falling down and passing out in exhaustion.

While it's good that I did some running in the last couple of weeks, it wasn't enough. I barely kept up with one of the horses, and I was huffing and puffing after each one. I was also really sore for the following couple of days! So, that's more motivation to keep up the running...not only for weight loss, but so that I'll be ready if anyone asks me to show again. :)

Oh, and more people who haven't seen me in a while raved about how much I've lost, how I look like a different person, etc...I love that. Makes me feel really good about what I've done so far! I want the same reaction a year from now when I've lost the remaining 35 pounds!