Tuesday, March 31, 2009

10 days

Big, tiring day today. Groomed and worked horses all day, then taught three dance classes! Didn't do any jogging, but I'm going to have a lot of walking to do from now on, back and forth across the property at the barn, so I'm going to jog it as much as possible to try to build myself up. I think in a week and a half I'll be ready! I can do it!

Monday, March 30, 2009

11 days to go....

In 11 days, I have to show my horse in hand, which involves running around an arena that is full of deep dirt. While I do this, people are going to be looking at me. If I do a crappy job, my horse won't do well. If I do a good job, we could win a bunch of money. I need to put on the best performance I can, and I am not ready to do that!

I was pretty good today...I'll go update my fitday log in a few minutes. I'm determined to be good and stay good. I need to start jogging--up and down the driveway with the horses (I've done a little but not near enough) and around the block with the puppy. 11 days...can I get in shape in time?

ETA: Oops, wasn't quite as good as I thought I was! Too much fat. The thing with cutting out meat is that I'm eating more or fattier things to feel satisfied. I know, not a very good excuse, but that's what's happening. Must do better tomorrow.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


So, Greg and I were at the store yesterday, and I was thinking about what to get for lunches. I said, "We should get some lunch meat." He said, "OK," so we did. We picked out a turkey and chicken variety pack with a low fat content (of course, lunch meat is high in sodium, so it shouldn't be overdone). Today, we made sandwiches and ate them. Then, Greg pointed out that it's STILL Lent, and we gave up meat! GAH! How could I forget?? Old habits die hard, I guess. On the bright side, the bread was from our favorite bakery, a yummy high fiber multi-grain with lots of texture and flavor. So much better than the stuff from the grocery store!

I also jogged a little bit at the barn. OK, it was about 100 feet. I have to be able to run most of the way around the arena in only a month! ACK!

Uh, hello?

Where have I been? Apparently deciding I don't care about being thin anymore...I haven't been keeping up on my blog or my fitday journal. I've been *mostly* good, but also made some bad, bad choices and given into temptations. I gained two pounds. *sigh* OK...I need to lose those two plus seven more before I go to FEI World Cup Finals in Vegas next month! That will be a total 40 pound loss. I also have a horse show the weekend before that, when I'll be showing in halter...which means running. Oh, dear Lord, I hate to run. Hate it. But do it, I must...so I need to start jogging again!

Tonight I went dancing, but after a couple hours my trick knee started bothering me and I finally had to stop and come home to ice it. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow so I don't have that as an excuse!