Monday, December 7, 2009

Lost another pound

I have lost another pound, which puts me at 180 and a total of 48 pounds lost. The last time I calculated my BMI, I was at 31.5, which is considered obese. I looked through my old post trying to figure out when I was looking at that before, but I can't find it. In any case, I am no longer obese! I am now simply overweight...whee! My goal was 160, and I only have 20 pounds to go...cake, right? If I tried really hard, I could probably do that in two months. However, I am still not very good about watching my calories, so it'll take twice that long. That's OK with me, as long as it stays off!

We're headed into the holiday season. I don't plan to binge on sweets TOO much, but I'm sure there will be some here and there. I made the executive decision to not put candy canes on the tree this year, because none of us need that much temptation.

Good luck with the holidays, everyone...don't do anything you'll regret later!

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