Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yehaw, one more pound gone

Well, I was stuck for a couple of weeks. Despite my...ok, not my BEST efforts, but I ate pretty well and exercised sometimes...I wasn't losing any more weight. I was getting very discouraged, until I went to the gym today and weighed myself for the first time in several days. I've lost another pound! Yippee!!

Here's my warning for the day: beware of Skinny Cow! I love Skinny Cow...their products are sooo good for low fat ice cream. I thought they were a dieter's dream come true, until I thought to look at the label...and they have TONS of sugar. So, by the way, does Yoplait light yogurt. Check those labels--"light" doesn't mean it's diet-approved! It's no good to be low in fat if there's 20 or 30 grams of sugar. Better to have fat than sugar! Sugar is evil. Delicious evil, but evil nonetheless. I forget the brand, but the "Carb Smart" products are delicious and low in fat and sugar. I love the fudgesicles!

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