Saturday, March 14, 2009

Uh, hello?

Where have I been? Apparently deciding I don't care about being thin anymore...I haven't been keeping up on my blog or my fitday journal. I've been *mostly* good, but also made some bad, bad choices and given into temptations. I gained two pounds. *sigh* OK...I need to lose those two plus seven more before I go to FEI World Cup Finals in Vegas next month! That will be a total 40 pound loss. I also have a horse show the weekend before that, when I'll be showing in halter...which means running. Oh, dear Lord, I hate to run. Hate it. But do it, I I need to start jogging again!

Tonight I went dancing, but after a couple hours my trick knee started bothering me and I finally had to stop and come home to ice it. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow so I don't have that as an excuse!

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