Saturday, March 14, 2009


So, Greg and I were at the store yesterday, and I was thinking about what to get for lunches. I said, "We should get some lunch meat." He said, "OK," so we did. We picked out a turkey and chicken variety pack with a low fat content (of course, lunch meat is high in sodium, so it shouldn't be overdone). Today, we made sandwiches and ate them. Then, Greg pointed out that it's STILL Lent, and we gave up meat! GAH! How could I forget?? Old habits die hard, I guess. On the bright side, the bread was from our favorite bakery, a yummy high fiber multi-grain with lots of texture and flavor. So much better than the stuff from the grocery store!

I also jogged a little bit at the barn. OK, it was about 100 feet. I have to be able to run most of the way around the arena in only a month! ACK!


Patrick'sSlew said...

Hey there. I'm just checking in hoping you are still doing well and haven't thrown in the towel.

Jennifer Walker said...

Thanks for checking in. I'm doing very well...I'm eating mostly healthy, but letting a lot of bad stuff slip in, too. Under a lot of stress right now and generally having a hard time! I am determined to get back on track, though...tomorrow!