Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back on the Sonoma Diet

Well, hello, blog! Long time no see. I know, I'm a horrible friend. What have I been up to? Well, I was working for a horse trainer for 10 months and lost a ton of weight. At one point, I was at 178, a total loss of 50 pounds. That rocked! I was working so hard, physically, that I was burning probably 4-5,000 calories a day and eating as much as whatever I want. Then, I decided to leave that job to go back to working at home full time, writing. Funny, all of a sudden I can't eat whatever I want anymore. Oh, and then I was helping a friend with a horse and it freaked out and knocked me around a bit and I ended up with a sprained ankle. Therefore, not much exercise in the past three weeks. I know, I know. Excuses. I could find exercises to do, but I'm lazy.

So, anyway, I've packed on a little extra padding again, so I need to go back to watching what I eat and *sigh* exercising. Greg and I love The Sonoma Diet, so we're going back on that. We love it because the food is fantastic--she gives a lot of great recipes. Of course, you don't have to follow her meal plans and recipes, but it's a great way to start, get some ideas and get used to this way of eating. It's basically all about balance, whole grains and lean meats, but it's also about making food taste really great so you feel satisfied. You get a wide variety of food, and it's a way of eating that you can live with for the rest of your life. The hardest part is that there is a lot of prep work and cooking involved, but we like that, and it gives us something to do together.

For lunch today, we made the Greek salad with shrimp. Delicious! We did a little extra prep so we'd have some ready-to-go salad toppings to go with dinner tonight. Tonight's dinner isn't exactly on the plan, but it could be worse--it's turkey meatloaf, sweet potatoes and salad. We bought a pre-made turkey meatloaf at the store (it's Jennie-O brand, which has a lot of great turkey products) before we decided to go back on Sonoma. It's close enough. We'll try to steer clear of packaged foods from now on when we can, but we don't want it to go to waste and it's not that bad.

Now I should probably get some exercise...Maybe in the pool!

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