Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good running today

Yesterday, I took a day of rest. I was wiped out from the show and everything leading up to it, so I decided not to go to the barn, running, anything. I did go to the dog park with Maggie and ran around with her a little there, but not enough to really stress myself. I think it's important to let your body recharge from time to time--hm, maybe I need to do some research on that and write an article!

Anyway, I ran today. I posted a couple weeks ago when I started up again that I had lost some fitness and couldn't run as far as before. Well, today I was not only back to my old standards from before I left off, but I actually ran farther in a couple places! I think the rest did me some good. :)

Off to the barn in a few minutes to play with horses...back to the normal routine!

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