Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I need to watch So You Think You Can Dance more often. I find it so inspiring...I want to be able to dance like that! I want to have a body I can command to do anything I want it to! Maybe I can find a way to fit belly dancing back into my's been a while, both due to my busy schedule and lack of money. Of course, there's always ballroom and I'd like to fit more of that in, too! What inspires you?

I ran this morning, and it was harder than yesterday but I still managed to meet the same standards. Tomorrow I'm going to ride one of my horses!

Oh, my diet? Ugh...don't ask. I just keep on eating whatever is cheap and convenient. Oh, but a woman today I've only known a few months noticed I'm smaller, as do people I see all the time. I know I keep saying that...but my scale is stuck, so it baffles me as well as flatters me. Maybe I really am putting on more muscle and slimming down, even though the pounds aren't coming off? Maybe this means at some point I'll drop like 10 pounds in a week...yeah, I know, wishful thinking.

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