Saturday, June 13, 2009

New motivation!

Patience was so happy with how I showed the in-hand horses at the last show that she's letting me show them at Regionals and Nationals!! I haven't shown at either since I was a current horses have never been ready and I haven't had the money. So, it will be very cool to show some very nice horses at this level!

Regionals is in August and Nationals in September. She says I have to wear white pants for Nationals, so I'd better be looking pretty good by, I want to make a good picture, right? AND, I need to run better...I did OK last time, but I need to be able to sprint with big steps across one part of the triangle.

More motivation to keep up on my running! Maybe even to watch what I eat. :) I've added a little running to my normal circuit, and I want to keep adding on so that I'm not huffing and puffing so much so quickly, and I'll be adding some sprints soon. Just under two months to Regionals!

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