Monday, June 1, 2009

Survived the show

So we had another show this weekend, where I groomed for Patience. I also mentioned a couple of posts ago that she gave me the opportunity to show a couple of horses for her clients. I always have fun showing, and I love the horses, so it was great! I won a second and reserve champion with one of them and a third with the other. Everyone thought I did a good job, which is always nice for the ego. I also managed to run the triangle twice without falling down and passing out in exhaustion.

While it's good that I did some running in the last couple of weeks, it wasn't enough. I barely kept up with one of the horses, and I was huffing and puffing after each one. I was also really sore for the following couple of days! So, that's more motivation to keep up the running...not only for weight loss, but so that I'll be ready if anyone asks me to show again. :)

Oh, and more people who haven't seen me in a while raved about how much I've lost, how I look like a different person, etc...I love that. Makes me feel really good about what I've done so far! I want the same reaction a year from now when I've lost the remaining 35 pounds!

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