Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The past week or so, I have been really dragging. I feel sleepy all the time, especially after going dancing or to the barn. Like, not just kind of tired from exercising, but really, really sleepy. I was talking to my friend Michy about it, and went around and around a little bit...I've been taking a multi-vitamin and eating a variety of foods, so I should be getting everything I need. I get plenty of high-quality carbs, and my calories might be a bit low, but I'm not losing weight that fast so I don't know that I need more.

Michy said an iron deficiency can cause tiredness, but my multi vitamin has 100% of my daily supply. She said this is not always readily absorbed, but pairing it with vitamin C and copper help the absorption rate. Taking it with caffeine can block absorption, but I generally don't.

This made me think...I was taking an extra vitamin C pill when I was sick, but last week I decided to drop it because my multi has C in it. That's probably about when I started feeling tired, so maybe that extra C was helping the iron absorb, and now it's mostly passing through. Since I'm not eating as much meat, I'm taking in less iron than I used to.

Sooo....I'll start taking the C again, and I need more dark, leafy veggies and maybe some legumes. Right now, I really want a nap!


Patrick'sSlew said...

Oh good you're back. I was starting to get worried. Thought maybe you were like me and Superbowl took 3 days to recover;0) I did get on the scale to assess the damage.....up 2 guess it could be worse but you play you pay!

Jennifer Walker said...

Sorry, I just couldn't really think of anything to say the last couple of days! I also posted a new review on you might enjoy!