Thursday, February 19, 2009

I screwed up!

So, the good news is that after four hours of working horses at the barn, I still had enough energy to not only teach two hours of dance class, but then go west coast swing dancing for a while afterward!

The bad news is, I screwed up my menu in two ways. The first was that we picked out a frozen crock pot meal that had a reasonable amount of fat and carbs. The unfortunate part is we didn't look at the serving size, which is ridiculously low. I ate about a double portion! Suddenly, not such a good selection. Secondly, we were starving after dancing and I knew I had room for some calories (not having realized my first mistake yet), so we went to Del Taco. The chicken taco del carbon is really pretty healthy, but I wanted something more so I got a quesadilla. After all, it's just a tortilla and cheese, right? How bad can it be? 27 grams of fat and 500 calories, that's how bad!! I didn't realize it until just now when I did my log.

CRAP! With this double whammy, I ate 50 grams of fat and 161 carbs today! Calories was a bit over 1300, which really isn't bad considering I burned about 3500. The good part was that I had a whopping 39.5 grams of fiber, so if you subtract that from the carbs, the fat was the only bad thing today. Oh, and sodium was way too high. Processed foods are just not a good plan...but they're so convenient!!!

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