Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sonoma Diet Day 2: Still going strong

Day two of a diet (I know, I know, healthy lifestyle for life. I get it.) is still good. You're still fired up, and you're starting to figure out the rhythm of your new way of eating. You can almost resist stepping on the scale again. Here's what I ate today:

Breakfast: burrito on carb balance tortilla with 1 egg and 1 white, turkey sausage, and avocado. yummy.
Lunch: yummy taco salad with seasoned ground turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, a little avocado, mushrooms, cucumber, fetta and a sort of salsa vinegrette made with balsamic, olive oil, and salsa.
Dinner: Brown rice baked with broccoli, ahi tuna steak, and mushrooms, with feta and fresh tomatoes added at the end. Also very yummy, although bad Greg made too much rice and bad me let us eat it all. At least it carried me through dancing and everything and I feel like I can skip a snack.

We got some fresh-made natural peanut butter at the store, where they have a machine that makes it fresh for you. It smells soooo good and I can't wait to have a little with celery for a snack.

Exercise: moved about a half a ton of rock with my sister in law this morning (yes, it counts. oy.), Tango dancing tonight. Lots of sweat!

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