Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sonoma Diet Day 6!

Things are still going great! I took it easy today physically--it is important to give your body a break once in a while. Tomorrow I'll have to actually exercise.

Breakfast: plain Greek yogurt and strawberries
Lunch: green salad with chicken breast
Dinner: splurged on a rib-eye steak (first red meat all week, and yes it's ok on this diet although this cut is a little fattier than I should have and it was a little too big), leftover brown rice and mushrooms from last night, roasted asparagus

If I have a snack, it will probably be low fat string cheese, although I'm kind of jonesing for another salad. In any case, it will be good.

Tomorrow morning, I will post a guest post from Greg Walker on a delicious way to prepare brown rice. It'll make a believer out of you!

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