Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sonoma Diet Day One: Here we go!

I'm going to start this post with a request. I'm posting this journal to keep myself honest and keep track of what I'm doing, and maybe to invoke discussion or inspire readers, not to be criticized. Please refrain from chastising me about food choices, exercise, etc. I don't need the negativity. Please also refrain from the "Well, I heard..." comments. This diet was written by a registered dietition/doctor, so I'm going to trust what she says and go with it. There are a million different theories on dieting and they all conflict, so sometimes you just have to put the blinders on. What works for you may not work for me, and vice versa.

Day one of a diet is always so full of promise. In some ways, it's the hardest day because you can still remember all the horrible things you ate before and wish you could still eat them, and you have to get used to new portion sizes. On the other hand, you're also full of fire about making a change in your life, and that motivation goes a long way! I've been through this so many times, but I can't seem to make it stick for long enough to make a permanent change in my eating habits. I would like this time to make it happen. I lost a good 20 or 30 pounds eating this way before, so there's no reason I can't reach my goal weight and stay there. It's all about changing your mindset about food. You don't have to settle for bland, tasteless food, either...there are tons of delicious recipes in The Sonoma Diet books, and once you understand the principles, you can make up your own or adapt others. Also, sometimes I really need to go with what I can afford or is convenient. It's what you do most of the time that makes a difference, not what you do every once in a while.

One thing I haven't done before is kept a daily journal,  so I'm going to try that this time. Our scale is broken so I can't give you my starting weight (ugh, like I really want to share it), although I think I'll dig out the tape measure and do some measurements.

Woke up early (not on purpose). Drank one cup of coffee with a tablespoon of heavy cream. I know, you've been told not to drink coffee, and heavy cream sounds antithetical to what we're doing. According to the author, Dr. Connie Guttersen, RD, PhD, you can have up to two cups of black coffee or one cup with a tablespoon of heavy cream. Some people say the caffeine stimulates the appetite, but I don't find this to be true. In fact, sometimes if I have coffee in the morning I can hold off on breakfast longer. The reason for the cream instead of lowfat milk is that it is lower in lactose--the less fat you have, the more milk sugar. Also, one tablespoon lightens the coffee just as much as much more of the lighter fat stuff, so you might even end up with less fat than if you used 2%. I'm not sure about the last part--it's conjecture. But the sugar part is true. Greg also interviewed another dietition once who said the same thing, plus it's less processed and she advocates eating whole foods that have as little processing as possible to maximize nutrients.

For breakfast, one whole egg and one egg white scrambled with a bit of turkey sausage in a Mission Carb Balance tortilla. These things are great--high in fiber without having a weird flavor or texture.

Lunch: A serving of packet light tuna in water, one serving of Triscuits (they're whole grain and have fiber), and one cup of canned green beans (I know. Fresh is better. This is what I had.)

Dinner; brown rice and roasted zuccini and mushrooms. Yum!

Late night: 1 chicken taco del carbon from Del Taco. These are more wholesome than you would think, especially for a quick snack after dancing!

We need snacks but we didn't have any. Hopefully we'll live until tomorrow.

Exercise: rode my horse this morning and went dancing tonight. Decided that was plenty, especially on reduced calories!

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