Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sonoma Diet Day 5...already! And a diet tip

It's day five, and I'm going to do this a little early since we're leaving to go Tango in a little bit and I'll be too bleary-eyed by the time we get home to write. By day five of a new eating plan, you can tell if it's a keeper or if you'll be diving off the wagon at any moment. All week, I have felt great! I'm not feeling deprived, I haven't had any cravings, and I've been really strong and happy with our food choices. I think there are still adjustments to be made, but we're doing pretty well. I'm fully prepared to eat like this forever, and I even have fantasies of going out to eat and getting something healthy. LOL!

My menu today:

Breakfast: Leftover black pepper/mushroom chicken from Panda Express last night (probably 250 calories)
Lunch: Salad with grilled chicken breast (got a great deal on a huge pack at half price at Safeway), tomatoes, cucumbers, a little avocado, and our fat free ranch dressing. Sooo yummy.
Dinner: OMG so good. Salmon (also half price at Safeway) crusted with a "Tuscan" salt/spice mix and pan fried in a little olive oil, brown rice baked with sliced mushrooms, and roasted asparagus.

Here's a diet tip: if you don't think you like brown rice, try short grain or even medium grain instead of long grain. The flavor and texture is much better! Greg has a really good procedure for preparing it, so I'll have to ask him to do a guest post.

Exercise: moving rocks and Tango. Have I mentioned I don't know what I'm going to do when all the rocks are moved? I'll have to do actual, boring exercise! Have a great night.

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