Sunday, January 25, 2009

Aaaahhhh my favorite aspet of weight loss!

Last spring I bought a suit. When I tried it on, everything fit fine, although the jacket was a little tight in the arms (a common problem because I've always had big arms). However, when I wore it to work, I was really uncomfortable all day because it was even tighter when I had my elbows bent for typing, etc., and I had to take it off. I haven't worn it since then, but this morning when I was trying to find something to wear for church, I decided to try the jacket on again to see how it fit. It actually hangs on me, and I'm wearing it as I type and it is perfectly roomy!!! I love it when I lose enough weight for my old, small clothes to start fitting again. It's almost like getting new clothes! Also, people keep telling me I look skinnier, which I also love. :)


Patrick'sSlew said...

Isn't it fun to go shopping in your own closet! Nice to have more then a handful of clothes that fit. Good job yesterday for fitting in your splurge and keeping your calories low. Only way to make it a lifestyle change is to make sure you can enjoy the foods you love on occassion. Awesome job!

Jennifer Walker said...

Thank you! I also found a bra I've never been able to wear before that I can wear now! Whee!!