Sunday, January 11, 2009


The thing about me and cravings is that I rarely have them. When I do, I can usually dismiss them...I can even look at a menu and ignore the things I wish I was having and order something healthy instead. However, when you put something I like in front of me, especially if it has a smell, and it's hard to resist. I was doing pretty well until my mother (she lives with us) cooked dinner for my daughter. She made what she calls sausage and eggshells, which is eggshell pasta and Italian sausage in spaghetti sauce. An all-time favorite of mine...and I caved. Sigh...I did manage to keep it to a pretty small portion, though. Then I had a piece of chocolate. Once I start on the downhill slide, it's hard to stop it! It's a good thing the rest of my day was pretty healthy. Tomorrow I must do better!

I'm not going to list my menu here anymore, since I'm putting it on fitday. Feel free to check it out! I will, however, try to keep posting thoughts about the day, milestones, diet tips I come across, etc.

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