Monday, January 26, 2009

What's your motivation?

Most of us have some sort of motivation for wanting to lose weight, whether it's because we can't find our size in regular stores anymore, because we've become too heavy for the activities we enjoy, or we just want to be more healthy. For me, it is all of these things, and having a short term goal with a big reward (i.e., lose 10 pounds and I can ride my horse) helps to motivate me and keep me on track. However, sometimes I lose sight of my goal, and I need a push here and there.

Sometimes this push comes in the form of inspiration. I was looking at some pictures of my belly dancing teacher, Mychelle, and I was thinking, "Damn. I want to look like that." I also want to dance like that.

Then, I thought about other people I know I'd like to emulate. I'd also like to look and dance like Grace Kato, my friend, sometimes teacher, and just a fabulous person.

Of course, I also like to ride horses, and I want to ride better. I'd like to be able to ride like Patience Prine-Carr or Allyssa Baird.

Of course, they all take good care of themselves! Looking at them and wanting to be like them makes me want to go out and take a few laps around the block! What inspires you? What motivates you to drive past Burger King and go home to make a healthy salad instead?

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Brian said...

I like to break out old home movies of when I was thin and fabulous, that always motivates me. My mantra... don't stop 'til you get enough. Just like the Michael Jackson song. Often I lose 10 to 20 pounds and feel pretty good about myself and fall off the diet. "Don't stop 'til you get enough" helps me keep pushing myself until I'm at my optimum, rather than stopping when I'm half way there.