Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm sore!

Is it weird that I love it when I'm sore from riding, dancing, working out, or other such satisfying activities? It's a combination of feeling good about having done something so good for my body and happiness in being able to do such an activity. This morning, I woke up a little sore from riding, since it's been so long. I love it!

It was sooo nice to be back in the saddle yesterday. My ride went well, my new saddle felt great, and Molly felt great. I'm going to ride her every other day for now, longeing her in between...the thought of me being just a little lighter and her being just a little stronger every time I get on her is an exciting one!


Patrick'sSlew said...

Being muscle sore is a wonderful feeling it means you used your body. If I go to the gym I want to feel it the next day. Of course the best soreness of all is what you are experiencing........riding sore! Did you smile the whole time you were riding? Did you ever come up with some more mini goals? I have a huge list of them and rewards planned out along the way, I find I have to stay very focused. Every 10 pounds is a milestone, BMI going from obese to overweight is a huge one. I'm inching slowly closer to that one. Weigh in tomorrow, hope the scale is friendly. Hopefully you will be riding tomorrow and enjoying your success.

Jennifer Walker said...

No, I haven't come up with any. Originally, I wanted to lose 20 pounds so I could show first level at a schooling show in March...I can do it, but now I'm worried that that's too aggressive for Molly, since she had all that time off and I'm just now getting back on her. I'll start schooling the movements, but I don't want to push her too hard or move up before I'm ready.

Getting the BMI below obesity would be good. Currently I'm at 32.12 now, and if I'm looking at fitday right, I need to get to 194 to be overweight instead of obese.

Patrick'sSlew said...

I reward myself every 10lbs and then the BMI that I mentioned...and speaking of weight.....(drum roll)....197.5 today! I stopped drinking diet soda at the beginning of the year and ever since then I've been posting a 2 lb weight loss each week. Guess there really is something to that high fructose corn syrup being bad for you. I'm only 5'6" so I still have another 12.5 pounds to lose before I'm not considered obese though. :0( Today is riding day for me, maybe the horses will notice the 2 lbs gone. Enjoy your riding and stay focused!

Jennifer Walker said...

Congrats!!! yes, my plan is to do something for myself every 10 pounds, I just haven't figured out what yet! I also can't spend any money right now, so that kind of puts a damper on that.