Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Great place to eat on a diet tip of the day: Jack's Urban Eats

Jack's Urban Eats is a small chain in the Sacramento area, but Pluto's is very similar and there are several throughout California. They have a variety of things on the menu, including sandwiches, entrees, sides and salads. The salad is what I go for most often, and that's what I had for dinner tonight.

You can get a half or full salad (the full is HUGE) with your choice of toppings for a reasonable price, and you can add meat--I added a fillet of salmon for a delicious, nutritious and filling dinner!

The day started out pretty fatty, so I needed the low-fat dinner to balance it out. Ended with low calories and a pretty good carb level. Fat is still a bit high...I didn't realize the steak tacos are so much higher in fat than chicken! I normally get chicken when I get them but felt like switching it up a little...but I could have had two chicken tacos for the fat in the one steak. I need to have some fruit, so I think I'll have a few blueberries.

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