Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sitting firmly on the edge of the wagon

Today was a pretty good day. Could have gotten more exercise, though. That is the hardest thing, besides not eating bad food (yes, I realize there are two basic components to losing weight: not eating bad food and getting exercise. They're both hard, OK?). It's hard to find the time! I need to find a way to get it in, though.


Breakfast: one slice of whole grain bread with natural peanut butter
Lunch: two chicken soft tacos
Dinner: Phuket Salmon with brown rice and a little Pad Thai

If you live or visit near Folsom and like Thai food, you must try Thai Paradise! SO GOOD. If you've never tried Thai, you must. While there are many fried foods and other bad things to avoid, there are many veggie, seafood and chicken dishes that are very healthy. And, it's really not that weird!


Worked my two horses. Walked/jogged with Molly to the gate and back and ran part of the way to and from the pasture. Ran around the dog park with Maggie. size 18 jeans were starting to get snug and I gave up on the 16s over the holidays. Now the 18s are loose again, so I should be able to get back into the 16s. Yay!

PPS...I joined It's really cool...has nutrition and calories burned calculators and all kinds of other tools. Today it says I ate 863 calories and burned 2614. Whoa.

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