Monday, January 19, 2009

Diet Meal Idea of the Day: Pancakes. Yes, Pancakes!!

I'm not a big pancake fan, but every once in a while they sound good. However, pancakes have long been known as a diet no-no. However, thanks to General Mills, even dieters can enjoy pancakes from time to time.

General Mills Fiber One Complete Pancake Mix is made with whole grains--at least 10g per serving (a serving being 3 thick pancakes about 4" across), according to the box. This supplies 5g of fiber, which is 20% of your daily recommended amount. 3.5g of fat and no trans fats. The worst part is there are 36g of carbs--but some diet experts will tell you to subtract the fiber from that number because you need fiber, so really it's only 31. 4g of sugar and 6g of pancakes! We made ours with a few blueberries thrown in and added some sugar free pancake syrup.

Of course, how good can whole grain pancakes be? I'll tell ya, these things are good. They have a different texture than regular pancakes for sure; it's almost like a light biscuit texture. It's not tough and grainy like some whole grain products can be. I really liked it!

Of course, I can't do this every day, but it's definitely a nice treat every once in a while! A win.


Patrick'sSlew said...

I just wanted to thank you for your blog. It provides me with encouragement to watch a fellow equestrian struggle through the weight problems. My weight is within a few pounds of your so I can so relate to it. Good luck with your weight loss I know if you keep at it you will succeed.

Jennifer Walker said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! They inspire me more than you could ever know. Good luck with your own weight loss journey! Please check in from time to time and tell me how you're doing!