Friday, January 9, 2009

Weekly Weigh-in and some other thoughts

Today's weigh-in: 209. 1 pound loss...not good. I'm not beating myself up over it because I WAS sick, but I need to make up for lost time. I need to stop making excuses, no matter how good they seem, and just get the job DONE!!!

For those of you who live in the vicinity of Roseville, Folsom and Shingle Springs, California, pick up a copy of this month's Style magazine. My husband and I wrote a huge feature in there about people who took charge of their health and made some big changes...very inspirational! Here's part of it, but only one of the stories is there...if you go to the Sierra Style website and look at the issues for Foothills and Roseville, you can see two more.

One that you will only find in the Roseville issue (the physical one; I don't see it online) is the story of Debe Tucker. This woman decided in March of last year that she wanted to lose 162 pounds. That is a HUGE undertaking! And I'm whining about 50?? Here's the amazing thing: she passed the 100 pound mark on December 18th. She is doing it all by diet and exercise. No surgery, no pills. Very, very inspiring! She uses a personal trainer, Suzanne Moen at Roseville Health & Wellness, who keeps her on track. I will be following Debe throughout the year, so we'll be keeping her honest...but I have a feeling this very tough lady doesn't need it!

Another woman, who posts on the Chronicle of the Horse discussion board, wants to lose 100 pounds so she can start riding and doing dressage again. She's just starting her journey, but she has already lost 10 pounds! She has a blog here, where she talks about her plan and progress. Check it out!

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